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Impact of the new Belgian Code of Companies and Associations on the signing of your tenders (Loyens & Loeff)

Author: Valentijn De Boe (Loyens & Loeff) Publication date: 21/01/2020 The new Belgian Code of Companies and Associations (the “BCCA”) is in full force and applicable to all Belgian entities since 1 January 2020. One of the novelties of the new BCCA is the introduction of an explicit definition of

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Belgian Data Protection Authority – again – imposes GDPR fines on public officers (Loyens & Loeff)

Author: Stéphanie De Smedt (Loyens & Loeff) Publication date: 03/12/2019 The Belgian Data Protection Authority (BDPA) is slowly but steadily becoming more active in enforcing the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Just like the very first GDPR fine that was imposed in Belgium (see below), the most recent fines are

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OECD’s plans for global minimum taxation: the next steps (Loyens & Loeff)

Author: Jan Bart Schober (Loyens & Loeff) Publication date: 11/11/2019 The OECD seeks consensus by the end of 2020 on how to ensure all profits of multinational groups are subject to a (yet to be determined) worldwide minimum level of taxation. The proposals, if implemented, would have a major impact on

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PSDII: migration to SCA by 31 December 2020 (Loyens & Loeff)

Author: Marc Vermylen (Loyens & Loeff) Publication date: 21/10/2019 On 16 October 2019, the European Banking Authority (EBA) issued an Opinion concerning one of the most important features of the Payment Services Directive II (PSD II), being strong customer authentication (SCA). EBA gives card-issuing and acquiring payment services providers (PSPs) until

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Nieuwe Vlaamse regering: geplande belastinghervormingen (Loyens & Loeff)

Auteurs: Saskia Lust en Eléonore van der Loos (Loyens & Loeff) Publicatiedatum: 03/10/2019 De formateursnota van de Vlaamse regering van medio augustus werd recent omgezet in een Vlaamse beleidsverklaring. De formateursnota voorzag onder meer in de 'afsluiting van een aantal mechanismen tot fiscale ontwijking', zonder verdere detaillering. De beleidsverklaring omvat nu een

Ambitieuze plannen tot hervorming van Vlaamse erf- en schenkbelasting (Loyens & Loeff)

Auteurs: Saskia Lust en Stephanie van Gils (Loyens & Loeff) Publicatiedatum: 19/08/2019 Recent werd de formateursnota voor de vorming van een nieuwe Vlaamse regering gepubliceerd. De formateursnota bevat enkele opmerkelijke voorstellen op het vlak van de Vlaamse erf- en schenkbelasting, zoals de invoering van een vrijstelling van erfbelasting voor de langstlevende echtgenoot

Premie betaald door derde onderworpen aan RSZ (Loyens & Loeff)

Auteur: Kris De Schutter (Loyens & Loeff) Publicatiedatum: 26/06/2019 In haar arrest van 20 mei 2019 bevestigt het Hof van Cassatie dat een premie, betaald door een derde aan werknemers die niet bij hem in dienst zijn, als loon ten laste van de werkgever moet worden beschouwd in de zin van

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Free flow of non-personal data and GDPR (Loyens & Loeff)

Authors: Stéphanie De Smedt and Garance Dekeyser (Loyens & Loeff) Publication date: 19/06/2019 The new Regulation 2018/1807 on the free flow of non-personal data in the EU is applicable since 28 May 2019. The main goal pursued by Regulation 2018/1807 is to boost the data economy by facilitating the cross-border exchange of

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News on cross-border financial services in Belgium post-Brexit (Loyens & Loeff)

Author: Marc Vermylen (Loyens & Loeff) Publication date: 23/04/2019 We summarise the most important aspects of cross-border financial services post-Brexit contained in a law that was published in the Belgian State Gazette on 10 April 2019, and a communication by the FSMA in this respect. Legislative & regulatory action On 10

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Members Belgian Data Protection Authority (finally) appointed (Loyens & Loeff)

Authors: Stéphanie De Smedt, Valérie Verstraeten and Yves Van Couter (Loyens & Loeff) Publication date: 29/03/2019 On 28 March 2019, the members of the Executive Committee of the Belgian Data Protection Authority have been appointed by the Belgian Parliament in plenary meeting. As a result, the Belgian DPA can now really start its

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