Onroerend vruchtgebruik met vennootschappen
Correcte waardering: stand van zaken in de praktijk
Vijf speciale topics nader toegelicht
(Inclusief handboek)

Mr. Robin Messiaen (Spartax)

Webinar op vrijdag 13 oktober 2023

Vermogens- en fiscale delicten:
met wie en hoe onderhandelen?

Mr. Stijn De Meulenaer (Everest)

Webinar op vrijdag 17 november 2023

Vlaamse erfbelasting:
10 fictiebepalingen onder de loep (incl. boek)

Prof. dr. Ayfer Aydogan (ECGB Advocaten / UGent)

Webinar op vrijdag 17 november 2023

een overzicht van recente wetgeving én rechtspraak

Mr. Joris De Vos en mr. Koen Selleslags (DLA Piper)

Webinar op donderdag 16 november 2023

Buitencontractuele aansprakelijkheid:
wat brengt het nieuwe boek 6?

Prof. dr. Ignace Claeys en dr. Thijs Tanghe (Eubelius)

Webinar op dinsdag 24 oktober 2023

De aansprakelijkheid van
medische beroepsbeoefenaars en zorginstellingen

Prof. dr. Christophe Lemmens (Dewallens & Partners)

Webinar op dinsdag 28 november 2023

ESG – Key legal considerations (Loyens & Loeff)

Auteur: Loyens & Loeff

Sustainability has become an increasingly important factor in the decisions of investors, companies, consumers, shareholders and policy- and lawmakers. The broadly supported awareness for the Environmental Social and
Governance (‘ESG’) objectives is reflected in many international voluntary standards as well as in an increasing number of European regulations towards sustainable growth.

Recent regulatory developments indicate that the ESG trend has acquired a more formal position in European and national law. Compliance with these new and often complex regulations may be challenging for companies,
but offers companies the opportunity to make an appropriate contribution to a more sustainable economy.

This ESG compliance poses strategic and operational challenges but will definitely create market opportunities for those who are able to adapt faster.

Furthermore, with the increased importance of ESG aspects of doing business, it is expected that more and more ESG-related litigation will be presented to courts by a large variety of parties.

For that reason, Loyens & Loeff has developed this brochure dedicated to a selection of topics so to help you navigate through this new landscape of rules.

We look forward to embarking with you on a journey to a more sustainable economy.

Read the brochure here