IT & IP Litigation in Europe: A Legal Guide for Foreign Lawyers (Ulys)

Author: Etienne Wery (Ulys)

Publication date: 2017

The purpose of this Guide is to provide valuable information and tips to foreign practitioners when their clients face a legal issue in the European Union in relation with intellectual property, information technology and, in general, innovation. Whether the client is currently engaged in litigation or is contemplating this option, this Guide will help foreign practitioners to understand better how such litigation will take place.

Also, the Guide is of valuable help in order to assess the chances of success by understanding better the material rules of law at stake, whether as a plaintiff or a defendant. As far as possible, the authors have tried to make it comprehensible for any foreign lawyer, regardless his or her country of origin. The reader will hopefully obtain useful insights on the basics and some more detailed analysis of the subjects addressed.

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