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Delay single permit process in Belgium solved with an electronic platform? (PwC Legal)

Auteur: Frank Ruelens (PwC Legal)

Publicatiedatum: 15/02/2020

Since the new “single” process for obtaining the right to work (more than 90 days) and to live has been installed in Belgium as from 2019 as a result of an EU Directive, the delay in the complex process has been considerable. It can take between 2,5 to 4,5 months but recently there seems to be some improvement.

Moreover the different regions have installed separate rules in respect of the work part.

Already in February 2018, it was suggested to set up an electronic process to deal with the applications. The lack of such a process as well as the lack of sufficient manpower to deal with the applications has recently also drawn the attention of the social partners resulting into several recommendations in December 2019.

An integrated electronic platform, open to all players (employer, employee, administrations including the local commune, the embassies in case of a visa and the police) and which could be consulted at all times with a warning for the employer if action needs to be taken, is one of them.

The new Flemish Government has also included such a platform in its program and Maggie De Block has recently announced in the social commission of the Chamber it is being looked at…


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