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Energy union-United by energy and climate concerns (European Parliament) 

An energy union should facilitate transporting energy between member states and make Europe less dependent on fossil fuels, most of which are now imported. The plans announced by the European Commission in February 2015 could result in reduced energy bills, less pollution and better resilience to supply disruptions. In the

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Case C-492/14 Essent Belgium, 29 September 2016. More Legal Do’s and Don’ts (The Florence School of Regulation)

The Belgian system for promoting green energy got a red light because the Court held that there were other potential ways to promote green energy without infringing the Treaty rules on free movement and the basic principles of EU internal energy market legislation. The Court was not against national regulatory

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Gas: energy MEPs back draft law on emergency supply links between EU countries (Press Release European Parliament)

An EU country facing an emergency gas shortage could call on other member states to supply it with gas via “supply corridors” that would link EU countries into seven transnational regions, under a draft law enshrining a “regional solidarity mechanism”, as amended and approved by the Energy Committee on Thursday.

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