The High Court on the right to be forgotten. Precise terms of delisting order to be finalised (GAVC Law)

Auteur: Geert Van Calster (GAVC Law) 

Publicatiedatum: 24/04/2018

In [2018] EWHC 799 the High Court granted one and refused another delisting request, otherwise known as the ‘right to be forgotten’ following the CJEU’s judgment in Google Spain.

Of interest to data protection lawyers

Of interest to data protection lawyers is Warby J’s excellent review of the test to be applied (particularly within the common law context of misuse of private information).

Of interest to all readers

Of interest to readers, is what is not yet part of the High Court’s ruling: the precise wording of the delisting order.

Particularly: defendant is Google LLC, a US-based company. Will the eventual delisting order in the one case in which it was granted, include worldwide wording?

Relevant case-law worldwide

For our discussion of relevant case-law worldwide, see here.