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Event cancelled? Check your VAT refund possibilities (Tiberghien)

Authors: Stijn Vastmans and Stein De Maeijer (Tiberghien) Publication date: 20/03/2020 The outbreak of the coronavirus has provoked an unprecedented surge of no-shows, postponements and cancellations in the event sector. In many cases, entrance tickets were already sold by the event-organizer or by a ticket selling intermediary. As a result, VAT on

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COVID-19 Belgian VAT measures and other possible VAT/CUSTOMS reliefs (EY)

Author: EY Publication date: 18/03/2020 Around the globe, businesses are hit by the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak. Tax authorities are coming with various tax measures in order to support companies in these challenging times. Besides these measures, there are also other in-house opportunities available, which could help to further improve

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Coronavirus raises various tax questions in Belgium (Loyens & Loeff)

Authors: Nicolas Bertrand, Marc Dhaene, Natalie Reypens, Saskia Lust, Bert Gevers, Linda Brosens and Benno Daemen (Loyens & Loeff) Publication date: 19/03/2020 The rapid spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) leads to far-reaching measures at home and abroad. These measures may have (sometimes unexpected) tax consequences. Below, we cover various tax

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