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A closer look at the Commission’s proposal for a recast Renewable Energy Directive (Loyens & Loeff)

Authors: Thomas Chellingsworth, Dominique Vanherck and Bram Devlies (Loyens & Loeff) Date of publication: 24/08/2017 On 30 November 2016, the Commission presented its long-awaited “Winter Package”, which contains a set of legislative proposals fostering the implementation of the Energy Union (see our newsflash on this topic here). One of the legislative measures introduced by the Winter

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Inhaalbeweging voor windturbines op land (Stibbe)

De ontwikkeling van windturbines op land draait op volle toeren in Vlaanderen. Om de Europese 2020-doelstellingen te halen, is er nog meer windenergie nodig. De Raad van State geeft de windturbineontwikkelaars alvast extra argumenten door te verduidelijken dat de milieunormen voor geluid en slagschaduw met zin voor technische realiteit te interpreteren zijn. Lees

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Renewable Energy Podcast Series (Shearman & Sterling)

Pioneering clean technologies, efficient use of natural resources and new trading platforms and instruments represent vast opportunities in the transformation of our global energy infrastructure. We look at the past, present and future of renewables and examine the opportunities and challenges across this dynamic sector. Read the full article here

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Don’t throw caution to the wind: export control considerations for the renewable energy sector (World Trade Controls)

The renewable energy industry is expanding at a fast rate, with emerging technologies and a growing number of projects all over the world. Renewable energy companies, however, must ensure compliance with applicable export control regulations to the extent that the materials, equipment and technology they produce, assemble and ship qualify

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Renewable Energy Global Paper (DLA Piper)

In a world where the corporate green agenda is increasingly integral to business strategy, particularly following the Paris climate change agreement, this paper explores the growing trend of large corporates using power purchase agreements (PPAs) to purchase renewable energy. Providing analysis on each of our global regions, the paper explores adoption

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