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Happy Flights v Ryanair. Belgian Supreme Court (only) confirms proper lex causae for validity of choice of court under Article 25 Brussels Ia (GAVC Law)

Author: Geert Van Calster (GAVC Law) Publication date: 11/03/2019 Thank you alumna and appreciated co-author Jutta Gangsted for flagging Charles Price’s (former learned colleague of mine at Dibb Lupton Alsop) and Sébastien Popijn’s alert on the Belgian Supreme Court’s ruling of 8 February last in C.18.0354.N Happy Flights v Ryanair. Happy Flights are a Belgium-based online claim

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DES v Clarins. The law applicable to ending commercial agency (GAVC Law)

Author: Geert Van Calster (GAVC Law) Publication date: January 2019 DES v Clarins. The law applicable to ending commercial agency: Granarolo (and Rome I’s /Rome Convention’s overriding /mandatory law rules) applied by Paris Court of Appeal./ In RG 16/05579 DES v Clarins (I have a copy on file for those finding

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Forget what you have read. Szpunar AG does not restrict EU ‘Right to be forgotten’ / data protection laws to European territory (GAVC Law)

Author: GAVC Law Publication date: 15/01/2019 I have previously reported extensively on various national and European developments re the right to have search results delisted, more popularly referred to as the ‘right to be forgotten’ (‘RTBF’ – a product of the CJEU in Google Spain) and its territorial limits. (Search string

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Zijn Belgische regels die zowel regionale als openbare vergunningen vereisen onverenigbaar met vrij verkeer ? Hof van Justitie 26 september 2018 (LegalNews.be)

Auteur: LegalNews.be Publicatiedatum: 02/10/2018 Prof. Dr. Geert Van Calster wijst er de aandacht op dat het Hof van Justitie in zaak C‑137/17 een arrest geveld heeft inzake een klassieke "laatste verdedigingslinie" (in strafzaken): de Belgische regels die afzonderlijke milieu (vandaar regionale) en openbare veiligheid (federale) vergunningen vereisen zijn in principe

Altun: Fraud and social dumping. The CJEU emphasises the double sides of the mutual trust coin (GAVC Law)

Auteur: GAVC Law Date of publication: 02/06/2018 When I reported on Saugmandsgaard ØE’s Opinion in C-359/16 Altun, I emphasised the issue of mutual trust. I noted that the AG effectively flipped the coin: sincere co-operation requires sincerity on both sides (my words, not the AG’s). The AG had recalled the Halifax case-law of the CJEU: EU

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The High Court on the right to be forgotten. Precise terms of delisting order to be finalised (GAVC Law)

Auteur: Geert Van Calster (GAVC Law)  Publicatiedatum: 24/04/2018 In [2018] EWHC 799 the High Court granted one and refused another delisting request, otherwise known as the ‘right to be forgotten’ following the CJEU’s judgment in Google Spain. Of interest to data protection lawyers Of interest to data protection lawyers is Warby

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Gedwongen overdracht van aandelen : welke rechtbank is bevoegd in een grensoverschrijdende context? (LegalNews.be)

Auteur: LegalNews.be Publicatiedatum: 08/03/2018 Een Tsjechische NV gaat over tot overdracht van alle effecten die een deelnemingsrecht vertegenwoordigen (aandelen en certificaten) aan de meerderheidsaandeelhouder, een Duitse holding. De basis van de discussie: de Tsjechische wetgeving inzake gedwongen overdracht. Het Tsjechisch vennootschapsrecht bepaalt: 1.  dat de houder van effecten die een

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Wathelet AG in Dědouch : Interpretation of the exlusive jurisdictional rule for corporate issues in the case of squeeze-out (GAVC Law)

Auteur: Geert Van Calster (GAVC Law) Publicatiedatum: 24/11/2017 In C-560/16 Dědouch, Wathelet AG Opined last week, on the scope of the exclusive jurisdictional rule of (now) Article 24(2) of Regulation 1215/2012. The issue arose in proceedings between Michael Dědouch et al, a group of minority shareholders on the one hand, and Jihočeská plynárenská a.s.

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Cybercrime and jurisdiction. The CJEU in Concurrences /Samsung /Amazon (GAVC Law)

In the flurry of judgments issued by the European Court of Justice on Super Wednesday, 21 December, spare a read for C-618/15 Concurrence /Samsumg /Amazon: Cybercrime, which dealt with jurisdiction for tort under the Brussels I Recast Regulation and the location of locus damni in the event of online sales.

Disciplining forum shopping not a relevant consideration under Brussels IIa. CJEU in Child & Family Agency v J.D. (GAVC Law)

Article 15(1) of Regulation No 2201/2003 provides that the courts of a Member State having jurisdiction as to the substance of a case may request the transfer of that case, or a specific part thereof, to a court of another Member State with which the child has a particular connection,

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