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Is your (cloud) mail infrastructure protected ? (i-Force)

Author: Pieter Van der Hulst (i-Force)Publication date: 09/04/2021 Despite its pervasive use and age, emails are considered as one of the top attack vectors when it is about security breaches. As per the Data breach statistics, it is being found that the email system is the main source for cybercrime

Freezing Debtor Bank Accounts Across the Continent in a Single Stroke: The European Account Preservation Order (ICC Fraud Net)

Fraud victims and their legal counsel have gained an important, new tool for reaching across the Continent with a single ex parte order that will freeze bank accounts in multiple EU countries: the new European Account Preservation Order. Under the EAPO, with a single freeze order, courts in any member

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VAT reform: how MEPs intend to tackle the €50 billion a year fraud (European Parliament)

Press Release European Parliament - Fraud involving VAT on goods exported to other member states costs EU tax payers an estimated €50 billion a year. The European Commission has come up with an action plan to clamp down on VAT fraud and update current VAT rules that have been left unchanged

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