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How Legal Departments Should Formulate Their LegalTech Strategy (FrahanBlondé)

Author: Barend Blondé (FrahanBlondé) Publication date: 2018 LegalTech is hot. And when things get hot, you can easily burn yourself. When providers and consultants shout ‘You have to move now, before it’s too late’, it’s actually time to keep a cool head and think carefully. When it comes to LegalTech1 investments,

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The Real Challenge of Innovation for In-House Lawyers (FrahanBlondé)

Author: Antoine Henry de Frahan (FrahanBlondé) Date of publication: 19/06/2018 Innovation is becoming the new mantra among legal departments.  But in what direction should in-house lawyers direct their innovation efforts? Where are the real challenges of innovation for in-house lawyers? These challenges are at two levels: First, contributing to the innovation strategy of

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