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The importance of (drafting) workable non-compete and non-solicitation clauses (Cresco)

Author: Steven Daems (Cresco) Date of publication: 19/09/2018 SME’s (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) have always constituted a substantial and even fundamental part of Belgium’s economy, which over the course of many years has gradually evolved from an industrial economy to a service economy. The massive technological evolution that has taken place

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Negotiating a commercial lease agreement / Tips & Tricks (Cresco)

Authors: Pauline Devos and Tessa Gijbels (Cresco) Date of publication: 21/12/2017 When you decide to lease a commercial space for your business, the aspects to take into consideration go way beyond the lease period, location of the property and rental charges. Far too often, important aspects of commercial leases are left unmanaged.

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The Brussels International Business Court (BIBC) : a new forum for international commercial dispute resolution (Cresco)

Author: Elena Claes (Cresco) Date of publication: 16/01/2018 The recovery of international commercial debts, nor the resolution of international (commercial) disputes has ever been easy, but with the Brexit approaching (probably rendering the access to British courts more difficult) and the insecurity of its implementation, the need for an international commercial

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