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La Commission européenne met en oeuvre sa stratégie de l’aviation pour l’Europe (CMS)

Auteur: Annabelle Lepièce (CMS) Date de publication: juin 2017 En décembre 2015, la Commission européenne a adopté sa stratégie de l’aviation pour l’Europe, plan ambitieux qui abordait toutes les problématiques du secteur du transport aérien telles que les relations internationales, les investissements, la connectivité, etc. Le 8 juin 2017, la Commission

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European Commission ends corporate tax exemptions granted to Belgium and France ports (CMS)

Author: Annabelle Lepièce (CMS) Date of publication: 16/08/2017 On 27 July 2017, the European Commission formally requested Belgium and France to abolish corporate tax exemptions for their ports, considering that their national regimes for the taxation of ports were incompatible with EU State aid regulation. In 2013, the European Commission initiated inquiries

Reform of European prospectus law – main changes and effects in practice (CMS)

The European Commission is planning to replace the 2003 Prospectus Directive with a revised Prospectus Regulation and to fully harmonise prospectus law in Europe. The existing provisions of the German Securities Prospectus Act (Wertpapierprospektgesetz) will largely cease to apply as a result. This reform is part of the drive to

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Imports of organic products now subject to EU electronic certification system (CMS)

From 19 October 2017, use of the electronic Trade Control and Expert System (“TRACES”) will become mandatory for all importers of organic products from outside of the EU. Organic imports may only be placed on the European Single Market if they are covered by a certificate of inspection issued by

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Technology at the Workplace – A European Overview of Employment Law Issues in a Modern Working Environment (CMS)

We can no longer imagine our professional life without modern information and communication technology. As a rule, employers provide their employees with technical aids, such as smartphones or notebooks. These communication tools are commonly also used for social media in a business context and are often not switched off by

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Belgian Competition Authority sees no reason to modify merger control filing thresholds in Belgium (CMS)

Following the triennial review of the merger control thresholds that are subject to the provisions of Belgian law, the Belgian Competition Authority (“BCA”) sees no reason to modify the merger control thresholds. The results of its assessment have been published on the BCA’s website and in a press release. The

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Commission fines Facebook €110 million for providing false information about its takeover of WhatsApp (CMS)

On 18 May 2018, the European Commission impose a €110 million fine on Facebook for providing misleading information during the Commission’s investigation of Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014.  This is the first fine which the Commission has imposed on a company for provision of incorrect or misleading information since

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Beperking van de beroepsmogelijkheden tegen vergunningsbeslissingen in het Vlaamse Gewest (CMS)

Met een wijziging aan het Omgevingsvergunningsdecreet wenst de Vlaamse Regering de mogelijkheid om een administratief beroep in te dienen tegen een vergunningsbeslissing te beperken tot diegenen die eerder reeds bezwaar hebben ingediend tijdens het openbaar onderzoek. De Vlaamse Regering verleende op 24 maart 2017 haar goedkeuring aan het ontwerp van

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Cassatie bevestigt arrest Hof van Beroep Gent: Le Pliage handtassen van Longchamp zijn niet auteursrechtelijk beschermd (in Gent) (CMS)

De vraag of de bekende Le Pliage handtassen van Longchamp beschermd zijn door het auteursrecht wordt in België door verschillende hoven en rechtbanken anders beantwoord. De Hoven van Beroep van Brussel en van Luik oordeelden in 2004 en 2006 van wel, het Hof van Beroep Gent oordeelde in 2014 van

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