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Brexit: Competition law implications (Bird & Bird)

The full effects of Brexit in the field of competition enforcement will take some time to emerge.  There will be an immediate risk of parallel investigations in both antitrust and merger fields, with an increased burden to businesses as well as some risk of inconsistent outcomes, although EU case-law is

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The importance of bilateral trade between the UK and Belgium (British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium)

There is a strong and longstanding trade relationship between the UK and Belgium. It is without doubt this relationship is of great importance to both countries. UK exports to Belgium were worth 17,4 billion Euro in 2014, making Belgium  the eighth largest export market for the UK. In 2015 Belgium

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What does Brexit mean for dispute resolution? (Eversheds)

Following the UK’s referendum decision to exit from the EU and British Prime Minister Teresa May’s recent announcement that she would trigger the process to leave the EU by the end of March 2017, absent any express agreement to the contrary, the legal framework governing the relationship between the EU

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Brexit: Medical devices implications (Bird & Bird)

The decision as to which model will be adopted by the UK and the EU post-Brexit will determine how the medical devices sector is truly affected. Initially, it seemed likely that the UK would remain within the European Economic Area (EEA), and the effects would likely to have been minimal

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Brexit: Have you lost your passport? (Eversheds)

For anyone working in the financial services industry one of the main consequences of Brexit is passporting. That this was so rarely referred to during the referendum debate is unfortunate, as the potential loss of passporting rights for UK banks and financial institutions represents one of the biggest potential fallouts

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International Employee Mobility after Brexit (Fieldfisher)

It appears that Brexit has taken the UK political elite by surprise and that the Leave campaign does not have a single unified plan for leaving Europe, so the ramifications of Brexit are likely to be uncertain until at least until 2017 according to UK Prime Minister May. However, there are unlikely to

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Medicines and medical devices regulation post-Brexit (Taylor Wessing)

Amongst the many uncertainties thrown up by the Brexit vote on 23 June 2016, is the impact of the UK leaving the EU on the regulatory regime governing the granting of marketing authorisation (“MA”) applications for medicinal products, as well as, the implications for the CE marking system for medical