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Legal challenges in the API economy (Altius)

Author: Diederik Arnaut (Altius) Publication date: 25/01/2019 What is an API? On 14 December 2018, the European Banking Authority issued a call for expressions of interest to participate in its working group on Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. The term API is little known to the general public; yet it carries

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Your salary in bitcoin: reality or Sci-Fi? (Altius)

Author: Esther Soetens (Altius) Publication date: 25/01/2019 Bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency operated by a decentralised authority (and so not issued by any bank or government), is very much in the news. As a result, employees sometimes ask their employer to have part of their salary paid out in a cryptocurrency. But

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Antitrust in Sport: Unauthorised Events, Enforcement without Penalties? (Altius)

Author: Quentin Silvestre (Altius) Publication date: 12/02/2019 One year after the European Commission’s decision (EC) against the International Skating Union (ISU), the Belgian Competition Authority (BCA) has taken a decision against the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI). Both cases have concerned unauthorised events. In both cases the federation agreed to change its

Brexit : Summary of the draft Withdrawal Agreement (Altius)

Author: William Timmermans (Altius) Publication date: 23/11/2018 On 14 November 2018, UK and EU negotiators agreed on a draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU and Euratom. The EU and the UK still have to approve the agreement. If the agreement is not approved, then there

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Have you already drawn-up your annual action plan? (Altius)

Authors: Esther Soetens and Astrid Caporali (Altius) Publication date: 18/10/2018 As you will know, each employer must have a global prevention plan, i.e. a 5-year plan that includes the results of the company’s risk analysis and the prevention measures to be developed. Each year, this global prevention plan must be worked-out

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The Brussels International Business Court (Altius)

Author: Alexander Hansebout (Altius) Date of publication: 17/07/2018 The Belgian government has introduced a draft bill in parliament to establish an English-speaking state court specialised in international disputes: the Brussels International Business Court (“BIBC”). The BIBC’s setup differs from the initiatives taken in other jurisdictions and has some specific characteristics

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Do employees have a right to “disconnect” after working hours? (Altius)

Author: Altius Date of publication: June 2018 Following the implementation of a “droit à la déconnexion” in France in 2017, the Belgian legislature has recently adopted a legal framework that allows employees to arrange a better balance between their professional and private lives. The new legislation does not grant them a

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Regelgeving inzake publieke events rond WK-uitzendingen (Altius & Tiberghien)

Auteurs Altius: Alexander De Bleeckere, Niels Verborgh en Alexander Vantyghem Auteurs Tiberghien:  Daan Buylaert en Pieter Debaene  Publicatiedatum: 17/05/2018 Binnen een kleine maand is Rusland gastheer voor het wereldkampioenschap voetbal 2018. België is opnieuw van de partij en neemt het in de groepsfase achtereenvolgens op tegen Panama, Tunesië en Engeland. De wedstrijden van de Rode Duivels zullen

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New Application Form for Customs Action in the EU (Altius)

Author: Olivier Vrins (Altius) Date of publication: 18/04/2018 Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2018/582 of 12 April 2018 amending Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1352/2013 establishing the forms provided for in Regulation (EU) No 608/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning customs enforcement of intellectual property rights has

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Voorontwerp Burgerlijk Wetboek : kansen én uitdagingen voor de vastgoedsector (Altius)

Auteur: William Timmermans (Altius) Publicatiedatum: 11/01/2018 Minister van Justitie Koen Geens werkt aan een globale hervorming van het Burgerlijk Wetboek. De eerste ontwerpen zijn inmiddels gekend, waaronder het toekomstige Boek II “Goederenrecht”. De bedoeling van de hervorming is voornamelijk om de bestaande regels inzake het goederenrecht te moderniseren en tegelijk

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