>>>Robots: These Tools Wishing to Be Your Friend (NautaDutilh)

Robots: These Tools Wishing to Be Your Friend (NautaDutilh)

Criticised by some but lauded by others, it’s no longer possible to ignore the ever-increasing presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in our daily lives. While some applications remain under lock and key in heavily guarded laboratories, it’s clear nonetheless that AI and robotics are (very) rapidly evolving.

Aside from the question of how members of the European and Member State legislatures should view the development of AI and robotics, a fundamental debate exists surrounding the integration of robots with AI into our societies: should they be granted legal personality? In a nutshell, legal personality is the ability of a – natural or legal – person to have rights and obligations. This notably takes the form of the right to enter into contracts, bring legal proceedings, purchase property, etc.

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