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The Plessers saga has come to an end – Is this a breakthrough in the reform of the reorganisation procedure? (PwC Legal)

Author: Christophe Wathion (PwC Legal)Publication date: 26/04/2021 The reorganisation procedure aims to provide an opportunity for undertakings facing financial difficulties to continue their business and activities and is governed by the provisions in book XX of the Belgian Economic Law Code (“ELC”) (previously the procedure was provided in the Belgian

Brexit – 3 months into 2021 – recap on immigration and social security (PwC Legal)

Authors: Bart Elias, Pascale Moreau en Nadja De Bie (PwC Legal)Publication date: 14/04/2021 With effect as of 1 January 2021, the coordination rules on social security for new cross-border employment situations between the UK and the EU are laid down in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which includes a Protocol

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Teleworking: how to implement on a more permanent basis? (PwC Legal)

Authors: Bart Elias and Pascale Moreau (PwC Legal) Publication date: 22/07/2020 The coronavirus has led governments all over the world to temporarily oblige teleworking whenever and wherever possible. Also in Belgium teleworking became the new normal during this global pandemic. Today, measures to fight the coronavirus are gradually being lifted,

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Dismissal for cause for having been drunk at the office’s New Year’s party? (PwC Legal)

Authors: Bart Elias and Pascale Moreau (PwC Legal) Publication date: 06/01/2020 The start of a new year: a time for reflection on the previous year, new year’s resolutions… and office parties. Office parties are fun occasions during which colleagues can bond over snacks and a couple of glasses of something

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Single permit update – increase of all Regional minimum salary thresholds (PwC Legal)

Author: PwC Legal Publication date: 13/12/2019 All 3 Regional Authorities have increased the minimum salary thresholds for work and/or single permit holders. Please find below an overview of the increased salary thresholds for 2020: Flanders Region Brussels & Wallloon Region Highly qualified employee EUR 42,696 gross/year* EUR 42,869 gross/year Managerial employee EUR 68,314 gross/year EUR

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The flu, the common cold and even burn-outs: What salary and benefits is your employee entitled to? (PwC Legal)

Author: PwC Legal Publication date: 09/10/2019 Now that summer has passed, days are getting colder and darker and the common cold and flu season is back, employers see themselves faced with a larger number of employees becoming sick. What happens when an employee is not yet fit to return to

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