Patent Law Update: A Costly Second Try At Invalidity (Inteo)

On 3 April 2017, the Mons court of appeal issued a judgment in a patent revocation action between Nouvag and Dr. Jean Malak (Docket nr. 2016/RG/263). The judgment, the latest in a series of decisions in relation to Dr. Malak’s patent nr. EP 0971754 for a liposuction apparatus, includes interesting

Will the Internet of Things need new patenting/licensing strategies? (Hogan Lovells)

The Internet of Things (IoT), which will connect billions of devices in coming years, may offer incredible opportunities for businesses and consumers but it also raises significant intellectual property issues, IP lawyers, mobile operators and others say. One key question is whether patenting and licensing strategies will have to change

Second medical use issues—where are we now and where should we be going? (Bristows)

The enforcement of second medical use patents is currently one of the hottest topics in European patent litigation. The dispute concerning Warner-Lambert’s patent for the use of pregabalin to treat pain has been very active in Europe and elsewhere since 2014 and has clarified a number of issues in relation

Update Unitair Octrooi: volgende stap in komst Unified Patent Court (Novagraaf)

De definitieve inwerkingtreding van het Unified Patent Court (UPC) in de lidstaten van de Europese Unie is in februari een stap dichterbij gekomen als gevolg van de ratificatie van de UPC-overeenkomst door Italië. Hiermee staat de teller van het aantal landen dat de UPC-overeenkomst heeft geratificeerd op twaalf, te weten:

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Bill on Innovation Deduction Approved by Chamber of Representatives (Lydian)

The new ID regime will apply retroactively and as of July 2016 on patent income and on supplementary protection certificates. The ID regime will however also apply on plant breeders’ rights, orphan drugs and data or market exclusivity granted by a public authority. The new ID regime will also apply

Pharmaceutical companies outsourcing clinical trials to group companies may pay substantially more taxes (Bird & Bird)

A patent or innovation box is a type of tax incentive in the form of an exemption, deduction or reduced corporate income tax rate for certain income arising from the exploitation of IP. In most countries, the IP was limited to patents (hence, the “patent box”), but some countries also

A Guide to Conducting an Action Before the Unified Patent Court (Bird & Bird)

The plans for the Unitary patent package comprising the Unitary patent and the Unified Patent Court (UPC) have recently hit a stumbling block. Before the UK referendum on 23 June 2016 on whether to stay in the EU, 10 countries, including France, had ratified the UPC Agreement (UPCA), which meant

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Streamlining oppositions procedures at the EPO (Marks & Clerk)

On 1 July 2016, the European Patent Office (EPO) introduced a streamlined opposition procedure that simplifies the procedure so that opposition proceedings can be brought to a faster conclusion. The aim is that the Opposition Division will reach a decision within two years from grant. Marks & Clerk explain. Read

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Patent disputes: who wins, where & why (Vannin)

Professional third-party funders tend to stay away from patent disputes. It is unfortunate because this is an area where SMEs and individual inventors whose only assets are often their ingenuity need help. This is a category of claimant that is arguably most in need and deserving of the assistance provided

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