Brexit from another angle: Domain names and donkeys (Novagraaf)

Auteur: Laurence Rivière (Novagraaf) Date de publication: 02/12/2019 Le Brexit fait encore parler de lui, cette fois sous un angle un peu différent qui mérite qu’on s’y attarde pendant quelques lignes. En effet, « Brexit Party » a été déposé par un groupe anti-brexit appelé « Led by Donkeys », causant ainsi colère et embarras

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Jurisdiction in cases of online infringement (Novagraaf)

Author: Casper Hemelrijk (Novagraaf) Publication date: 16/09/2019 After infringement has been identified online, the next challenge for brand owners is to identify in which national court to pursue their case. A recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the EU has broadened the options for taking action against online trademark

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New technologies: IP protection for graphical user interfaces (Novagraaf)

Author: Casper Hemelrijk (Novagraaf) Publication date: 06/09/2019 With an estimated three billion people using smartphones and other electronic handheld devices worldwide, the importance of obtaining IP protection for graphical user interfaces (GUIs) is only set to grow. Casper Hemelrijk offers advice on creating an effective protection strategy. Graphical user interfaces provide an intuitive way for

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Quand le Trône de Fer déclenche des batailles juridiques (Novagraaf)

Auteur: Marion Pignot (Novagraaf) Date de publication: 07/05/2019 Tandis que la série à succès GAME OF THRONES touche à sa fin, et que les nombreux téléspectateurs vont savoir prochainement qui règnera sur le Trône de Fer, NOVAGRAAF vous propose un tour d’horizon des jurisprudences européennes rendues en relation avec la célèbre

Domain name management: Brexit and the .eu (Novagraaf)

Author: Novagraaf Publication date: 11/02/2019 We previously covered the need for businesses to establish a clear and consistent strategy for registering and renewing domain names (see: ‘Is it time to rationalise your domain name portfolio?’). For UK businesses with .eu domain name registrations, 29 March 2019 (‘Brexit day’) adds a

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IP in M&A : 5 steps to manage the recordal process (Novagraaf)

Author: Novagraaf Date of publication: 8/10/2018 Planning is crucial to the safe transfer of an IP portfolio following merger or acquisition (M&A), no matter the timescales involved. Minimise the impact on your business and resources with these five steps for recording change of ownership. As with the transfer of ownership of

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Protecting slogans as trademarks : how and why (Novagraaf)

Author: Trecina Surti (Novagraaf) Date of publication: 03/09/2018 Although not impossible, seeking trademark protection for slogans can prove difficult. While some slogans have achieved success, most are unlikely to meet the requirements for trademark registration. Trademark Attorney Trecina Surti sets out the criteria to consider when looking to protect a slogan in

Who owns ‘France’? (Novagraaf)

Author: Ardine Siepman (Novagraaf) Date of publication: 06/08/2018 The French government is in conflict with another company over trademarks containing the word ‘France’. Novagraaf’s Ardine Siepman examines a recent ruling by the General Court of the EU, which considered whether anyone could even own the word ‘France’. A number of important considerations

Is it time to get your IP contracts in order? (Novagraaf)

Author: Novagraaf Date of publication: 16/07/2018 Contracts are part and parcel of business activity, including how IP rights are managed, exploited and transferred. Confidentiality agreements, licences, mergers or acquisitions, sale or divestment, employee-inventor remuneration agreements… these are just some of the types of contracts that can touch on a company’s

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CJEU parallel imports ruling: When does relabelling constitute trademark infringement? (Novagraaf)

Auteur: Florence Chapin (Novagraaf) Publicatiedatum: 09/07/2018 This article first appeared on WTR Daily, part of World Trademark Review, in May 2018. For further information, please go to www.worldtrademarkreview.com. The Fifth Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has issued a preliminary ruling on the interpretation of Article 13(2)