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Liberalisation of the Distribution of Medical Devices (NautaDutilh)

Authors: Christel Brion, Florence Verhoestraete, Jeroen Boelens en Vincent Wellens (NautaDutilh) Publication date: 19/02/2019 Until recently, certain medical devices could only be distributed in Belgium through limited channels (pharmacies or dental practitioners). In addition, Belgian law prohibited the sale of some medical devices directly to physicians; consequently, patients could obtain such devices only from

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International Business Court to Put Brussels on the Map as a Hub for Cross-border Dispute Resolution (NautaDutilh)

Author: Alexander Roels (NautaDutilh) Publication date: 16/10/2018 On 15 May 2018, the Belgian government submitted a bill to Parliament which brings us one step closer to the creation of the Brussels International Business Court (BIBC), undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy judicial developments in recent years. Brussels as a centre for

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CJEU Upholds Prohibition on the Sale of Luxury Goods via Branded Third-party Internet Platforms (NautaDutilh)

Authors: Herman Speyart, Anne Marie Verschuur, Tanguy de Haan en Vincent Wellens (NautaDutilh) Date of publication: 07/12/2017 The Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) has just ruled, in the context of a selective distribution system for luxury goods, that contractual clauses prohibiting authorised distributors from selling those goods on branded third-party Internet

Conflicts-of-interest in Belgian Companies (NautaDutilh)

Authors: Elke Janssens and Heidi Waem (NautaDutilh) Date of publication: 16/10/2017 In the Belgian legal order, there are few rules governing conflicts-of-interest between a company and its employees, independent service providers and/or managers. For directors, the Company Code contains rules on financial conflicts-of-interest. However, these rules simply provide that the other

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The Court of Justice strengthens the uniform protection of unitary IP rights (NautaDutilh)

Authors: Philippe Péters, Tanguy de Haan, Vincent Wellens, Charles Gielen and Anne Marie Verschuur (NautaDutilh) Date of publication: 02/10/2017 The Court of Justice has just rendered a crucial decision on the jurisdiction of the Community design and model courts over European co-defendants and the national law applicable to the measures sought (Court of Justice of the

Space: the final frontier – Luxembourg provides a legal framework for the commercial exploitation of space resources (NautaDutilh)

Authors: Vincent Wellens and Anne-Sophie Morvan (NautaDutilh) Date of publication: 10/08/2017 To develop a space industry in Luxembourg, the Luxembourgish Parliament has adopted the Law of 20 July 2017 on the exploration and use of space resources. The law, a part of the economic policy initiative www.spaceresources.lu aiming at developing legal, regulatory

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Ce qu’il faut savoir sur la nouvelle procédure d’arbitrage accélérée offerte par le règlement CCI (NautaDutilh)

La nouvelle procédure de la Cour internationale d'arbitrage de la Chambre de Commerce Internationale (CCI), en vigueur depuis le 1er mars 2017, et applicable par défaut aux litiges à enjeu financier inférieur à deux millions de dollars (environ 1,84 millions d'euros), vise à offrir un mode de résolution des litiges

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On the Eve of a New Insolvency Code (NautaDutilh)

A bill containing an entirely new Insolvency Code was presented to the House of Representatives on 20 April 2017. The need for a robust insolvency framework has received substantial attention due to the ongoing economic and financial crisis. Many European countries have recently modernised their insolvency legislation or are in

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Give disruptive start-ups a secure testing ground (NautaDutilh)

In a recent report, the European Banking Federation (EBF) argued for a legal framework in which companies can test new technologies and business models. A so-called regulatory sandbox, such as that which already exists in the United Kingdom, enables innovation and disruption without causing adverse effects. A testing ground of this

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The European Account Preservation Order:  A Further Erosion of Bank Secrecy? (NautaDutilh)

On 18 January 2017, Regulation (EU) No 655/2014 (the "Regulation") will become fully applicable. It will henceforth be possible to obtain in any EU Member State, with the exception of Denmark and the United Kingdom, a preservation order for bank accounts of a debtor situated in another Member State. The

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