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Subscription rights as a weapon for start-ups in the war for talent (Koan Law Firm)

Author: Koan Law Firm Publication date: 16/07/2020 Start-ups often have a hard time attracting, maintaining and motivating their most talented employees, given that most start-ups are funded with limited resources. Particularly in times of great uncertainty, start-ups tend to think outside of the box and look for new ways in

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3D Printing and Intellectual Property: New opportunities or a recipe for disaster? (KOAN Law Firm)

Author: Dietger Glorieux (KOAN Law Firm) Publication date: 10/04/2019 Introduction New technologies have often challenged existing legal frameworks. Applying current rules and principles to new technologies may prove difficult if it allows for possibilities that were not at all imaginable when the legislation was being drafted. One example hereof is 3D

Moyens de preuve (KOAN Law Firm)

Auteur: Robert De Baerdemaeker (KOAN Law Firm)   Date de publication: 08/04/2019 Devant les tribunaux, on le sait, il faut prouver ce que l’on affirme, c’est-à-dire la réalité des faits sur base desquels on formule des prétentions. En effet, il est indispensable pour les tribunaux d’avoir la certitude de l’existence d’un fait

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Copyright reform is on its way (KOAN Law Firm)

Authors: Dietger Glorieux and Agnès Maqua (KOAN Law Firm) Date of publication: 14/09/2018 After months of heated debates, the European Parliament agreed last Wednesday on a common position on the reform of the Copyright in the Digital Market directive. The aim of the directive is to modernize copyright and adapt it

Artificial intelligence, no science-fiction anymore – an introduction (KOAN Law Firm)

Authors: Christine De Keersmaeker, Charlotte Beeckmans and Katrien Maris (KOAN Law Firm) Date of publication: 02/07/2018 Have you heard about Heliograf, a robot journalist writing 850 articles a year for the Washington Post? And Ross, a robot-lawyer able to sift two million pages in a few seconds? Did you know that, in Denmark, Artificial Intelligence helps saving

Soon an English international business court in Brussels? (Koan Law Firm)

Author: Koan Law Firm Date of publication: 17/10/2017 A few days ago, the Belgian media have revealed that Brussels should soon have an Anglophone court called “Brussels International Business Court” (hereafter: “BIBC”). The BIBC is the result of a joint initiative of the Belgian Prime Minister’s office (Charles Michel) and

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Benefits (and some limitations) of Registered Community Designs : CJEU judgement in Nintendo case (Koan Law Firm)

Authors: Christine De Keersmaeker and Dietger Glorieux (Koan Law Firm) Date of publication: 13/10/2017 Introduction Recently, the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) delivered its judgement in a case between Nintendo and BigBen Interactive (joined cases C-24/16 and C-25/16). The judgement is particularly interesting and demonstrates some of the benefits and