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COVID-19: Can Directors’ and Shareholders’ Meetings Be Held Remotely in Belgium? (K&L Gates)

Authors: Jeroen Smets and Charlotte Stynen (K&L Gates) Publication date: 19/03/2020 With the spread of COVID-19, governments and companies everywhere are faced with hitherto unseen challenges. Measures are being taken everywhere to contain the pandemic and to discourage gatherings of people. At this point, gatherings of people are limited to

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Medicinal Products: the EU and the US Mutually Recognize Manufacturing Standards (K&L Gates)

The Agreement allows EU and US regulators to rely on each other’s inspections in their own territories. A Party to the Agreement shall recognize pharmaceutical inspections and accept official GMP documents issued by a recognized authority of the other Party for manufacturing facilities located in their territory. The recognized authorities

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European Commission Opens Investigation into Suspected Price Restrictions by Electronic Goods Producers (K&L Gates)

Following the recent warning by the European Commission in its Preliminary Report on the e-Commerce Sector Inquiry, the Commission has announced that it has launched a full fledged investigation into four major electronic goods makers’ agreements and practices with online retailers. The investigation focuses on retail price restrictions suspected of

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Updating EU Copyright Law in Digital Times (K&L Gates)

On September 14, 2016, the European Commission presented the Copyright reform, a legislative “Package” to promote a “more competitive European copyright-based economy in the Digital Single Market” (DSM). In addition to the need to harmonize national copyright regimes, already defined in the so-called DSM Strategy (here), the Commission identified the