Which regulatory regime applies to your products? Do potentially overlapping regimes keep you awake at night? (Eversheds)

A complicating factor is that a product can have a different status between European member states. European case law, for example, confirms that what one member state could classify (and regulate) as a medicinal product, another could classify as a medical device. The implications for this is that it may

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What does Brexit mean for dispute resolution? (Eversheds)

Following the UK’s referendum decision to exit from the EU and British Prime Minister Teresa May’s recent announcement that she would trigger the process to leave the EU by the end of March 2017, absent any express agreement to the contrary, the legal framework governing the relationship between the EU

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Copyright Reform (Eversheds)

In his 2016 State of the Union address, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced his intention for “journalists, publishers and authors to be paid fairly for their work, whether it is made in studios or living rooms, whether it is disseminated offline or online, whether it is published via a

Brexit: Have you lost your passport? (Eversheds)

For anyone working in the financial services industry one of the main consequences of Brexit is passporting. That this was so rarely referred to during the referendum debate is unfortunate, as the potential loss of passporting rights for UK banks and financial institutions represents one of the biggest potential fallouts

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European Court of Justice says European Union trade mark licences do not need to be registered for licensees to pursue infringers (Eversheds)

The European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) has ruled that a licensee of a European Union trade mark (formerly known as Community trade marks) (“EUTM”) can take enforcement action even if its licence has not been registered, so long as the licensee has the trade mark owner’s consent to assert such

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ECJ spells out conditions for liability arising out of anti-competitive conduct of external service providers (Eversheds)

On 21 July 2016, the European Court of Justice (the “Court”) delivered a judgment, in response to a preliminary reference made by the Latvian Supreme Court in which the Court spelled out conditions for liability which may arise out of an external service provider’s actions breaching Article 101 of the

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