Are Wearables Medical Devices Requiring a CE-Mark in the EU? (Covington)

Authors: Charlotte Ryckman and Delphine Marchal (Covington) Publication date: 18/01/2019 Wearable watches that help consumers obtain a better understanding of their eating patterns; wearable clothes that send signals to treating physicians; smart watches: they are but a few examples of the increasingly available and increasingly sophisticated “wearables” on the EU market. These technologies are

Google fined €50 million in France for GDPR violation (Covington)

Authors: Kristof Van Quathem, Jetty Tielemans, Anna Oberschelp de Meneses and Nicholas Shepherd (Covington) Publication date: 22/01/2019 On January 21, 2019, the French Supervisory Authority for data protection (“CNIL”) issued a fine of €50 million against Google for violations of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) (the decision was published in French here).  The CNIL’s decision was

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EU Medical Devices Regulation Series: Potential for Easing Borderline Determinations? (Covington)

Earlier this week, in a plenary vote, the EU Parliament endorsed the texts of the Regulation on Medical Devices (the “Regulation”—latest version available here) and the parallel Regulation on In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices (the “IVD Regulation”—latest version available here). This presents a good opportunity to have a closer look at

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Competition Law Enforcement Trends in the U.S., Europe and China: Looking Back at 2016 and Ahead to 2017 (Covington)

2016 was another year of active enforcement globally. It was also a year of big changes of uncertain impact. June saw the dramatic vote by the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union—a development which we do not expect will have concrete antitrust implications in 2017, given that the

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EU Medical Devices Regulation Series: Interpreting the “Industrial Scale” Concept (Covington)

The term “industrial scale” appears twice in the draft EU Medical Devices Regulation (“MD Regulation”) in relation to so-called “in-house devices.” The term equally appears in the draft in-vitro diagnostic medical devices (“IVD”) Regulation. To provide perspective on the meaning of “industrial scale” and how the draft MD Regulation’s use of

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The General Court has affirmed the Lundbeck pay-for-delay decision (Covington)

On 8 September, the General Court (the GC) delivered its judgments in the Lundbeck pay-for-delay case (Case T-472/13 Lundbeck v Commission) and in the related cases filed by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries and Ranbaxy, Arrow Group and Arrow Generics, Generics UK (GUK), Merck, Xellia Pharmaceuticals and Alpharma. These judgments are the GC’s first rulings on patent

Latest developments in anti-cartel enforcement in the European Union (Covington)

This article summarises the developments of the last year in anti-cartel enforcement by the European Commission, and the subsequent scrutiny by the European Courts. It covers the period June 2015 - June 2016. Although the Commission has not been very active in the last year, the Court of Justice and the General Court have continued to

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Global Policy Watch – Investing in solar energy (Covington)

Solar energy is a very good and important investment in sub-Saharan Africa. The energy is cheap, clean and relatively easy to install. It is also very beneficial to consumers. As Andy Herscowitz, the coordinator for Power Africa notes, individuals do not have to rely on an electricity grid that can be

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EU: Pharmaceuticals – The European, Middle Eastern and African Antitrust Review 2017 (Covington)

The EU National Competition Authorities (NCAs) have been very active in the pharmaceutical sector this year. While the European Commission (the Commission) has considered several concentrations, taking decisions that develop its analytical approach to the sector, the NCAs have led in the behavioural context. Read the full article here

Ten cybersecurity incident investigation best practices (Covington)

Every company must be prepared to investigate and remediate security incidents effectively, including with respect to managing the legal risks that may arise from such incidents. David Fagan, Ashden Fein, and David Bender of Covington & Burling detail ten recommended actions for companies conducting cyber security investigations to ensure that an investigation is carried out effectively as well as how to remain

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