Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: can a company be incorporated through contributions consisting of cryptocurrencies? (Altius)

Authors: Pierre Vanholsbeke and Nina Methens (Altius) Publication date: 15/11/2019 The era of cryptocurrencies has come: whilst they were initially used as a specific means of payment and as a source of investments other functions are now being explored, such as the possibility of cryptocurrencies being directly contributed to a

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Your salary in bitcoin: reality or Sci-Fi? (Altius)

Author: Esther Soetens (Altius) Publication date: 25/01/2019 Bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency operated by a decentralised authority (and so not issued by any bank or government), is very much in the news. As a result, employees sometimes ask their employer to have part of their salary paid out in a cryptocurrency. But

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Comment sont taxées les cryptomonnaies en Belgique ? (Florian Ernotte – Avocat)

Auteur: Florian Ernotte - Avocat Date de publication: Septembre 2018 Le phénomène des cryptomonnaies connait depuis plusieurs années une exposition médiatique croissante en encore plus dernièrement suite à la flambée des cours du Bitcoin. Parallèlement à cet engouement médiatique, l’Administration fiscale, et plus particulièrement le Service des Décisions Anticipées (SDA) ont été interrogé par des

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Capital gains on bitcoin : always taxable? (Mythra Lawyers)

Author: Mythra Lawyers Date of publication: 26/01/2018 The Belgian ruling commission recently had to decide on the tax treatment of capital gains on bitcoin (ruling no. 2017.852, 5 December 2017). In the case at hand, the ruling commission came to the conclusion that the gains did not constitute professional income.

Blockchain IPOs: the dusk (/dawn?) of regulation has arrived (Corporate Finance Lab)

Author: Cedric Hauben (DLA Piper) Date of publication: 09/08/2017 This article was first published on Corporate Finance Lab Blockchain projects have been around for over a decade. Despite its turbulent and mysterious evolutions, the prototype case of Bitcoin remains the most well-known blockchain application on the market. It still stands as

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Justitie weet niet wat aan te vangen met bitcoins (De Standaard)

In een drugszaak zijn 946 bitcoins verbeurd verklaard, omgerekend meer dan een miljoen euro. Het gerecht vlooit uit wat het daarmee moet doen. Vanuit zijn ouderlijke woonst in Torhout verstuurde een 25-jarige dealer pakketjes met synthetische drugs. Zijn klanten bestelden bij hem via het darknet, de anonieme onderbuik van het

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Blockchain: Trust Economy (Deloitte)

Blockchain is outgrowing its adolescent cryptocurrency identity, with distributed consensus ledgers becoming smart contracts facilitators. Beyond creating efficiencies by removing the legal and financial intermediary in a contractual agreement, blockchain is assuming the role of trusted gatekeeper and purveyor of transparency. In the emerging “trust economy” in which a company’s

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ESMA Won’t Ban Blockchain and Considers Regulation Premature (Bitcoin.com)

The European market regulatory agency the ESMA has revealed it believes regulating blockchain technology at this time would be premature. The ESMA has been researching distributed ledger technology (DLT) for quite some time in order to craft regulatory framework. Then in November, ESMA executive Patrick Armstrong told attendees at a

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Cryptoware: data als handelswaar voor criminelen (Waeterinckx Advocaten)

Reeds eind 2013 deed malware in de vorm van cryptoware al zijn intrede. Door het openen van een onbekend bestand, het bezoeken van bepaalde websites, het downloaden van een bepaalde app, raakt een computersysteem (laptop, smartphone,…)  besmet en worden de bestanden op het toestel versleuteld. In de ruil voor losgeld

BankBit: New Belgian security act amended and delayed (Loyens & Loeff)

The Belgian government has been discussing a draft act amending (among others) the Act of 11 July 2013 on security interests in rem on movable assets providing for the introduction of a register pledge into Belgian law. On 4 November 2016, such amending act was introduced in the Belgian Parliament. The

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