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European Commission publishes proposal for AI regulation (Lydian)

Authors: Bastiaan Bruyndonckx and Liese Kuyken (Lydian)Publication date: 26/04/2021 In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been a popular buzzword and a hot topic that has caught the attention of lawmakers. For several years, the European Commission (EC) has been researching the topic further and on 21 April 2021 it

Artificial intelligence, no science-fiction anymore – an introduction (KOAN Law Firm)

Authors: Christine De Keersmaeker, Charlotte Beeckmans and Katrien Maris (KOAN Law Firm) Date of publication: 02/07/2018 Have you heard about Heliograf, a robot journalist writing 850 articles a year for the Washington Post? And Ross, a robot-lawyer able to sift two million pages in a few seconds? Did you know that, in Denmark, Artificial Intelligence helps saving

De robotrechter : een update voor Justitie? (Desdalex)

Auteur: Desdalex Publicatiedatum: 24/11/2017 In een recente bijdrage in De Juristenkrant opende de Antwerpse raadsheer Pierre Thiriar met volgende stelling met een stevig Nostradamus-gehalte: “Het staat in de sterren geschreven dat menselijke magistraten op korte termijn vervangen zullen worden door artificiële intelligentie, zeg maar robotmagistraten.”[1] Het klinkt enigszins als science

Robot Lawyers – The next legal frontier (Robot Lawyer LISA)

Author: Chrissie Lightfoot (Robot Lawyer LISA) Date of publication: 25/07/2017 This article was first published on ITProPortal Artificial intelligence will transform the way lawyers do business. “What’s the next legal frontier?” When you’re a legal futurist it’s a question you hear on a frequent basis. When and where are technology and the

Voitures autonomes : Uber a-t-il volé à Google des infos confidentielles? (Droit & Technologie)

L’intelligence artificielle, et en particulier les voitures autonomes, sera l’un des enjeux technologiques majeurs des prochaines années. Dans ce secteur hyper concurrentiel, Google et Uber sont tous les deux ambitieux. La bagarre est financière mais aussi technologique : le savoir est jalousement gardé car celui qui prendra l’avantage fera pendant

AI Lawyer “Ross” Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm (Futurism)

Law firm Baker & Hostetler has announced that they are employing IBM’s AI Ross to handle their bankruptcy practice, which at the moment consists of nearly 50 lawyers. According to CEO and co-founder Andrew Arruda, other firms have also signed licenses with Ross, and they will also be making announcements

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A smart approach: counteract the bias in artificial intelligence (European Data Protection Supervisor)

Despite its name, artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a reality and though much hyped, has woven its way into everyday life: navigation systems, spam filters, weather forecasts to name but a few. Such is the potential influence of A.I. that it can be found on the political agenda and both the