Posting workers to Belgium : all you need to know (Altius)

Author: AltiusPublication date: 01/03/2021 Mobile workers are key for many employers seeking to develop their businesses across various countries around the world. A globalised economy triggers enhanced workforce mobility. Managing such a global workforce is challenging for HR-managers, who often face complex set-ups that raise specific employment, immigration, social security

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Financial Services after Brexit: no equivalence (yet), but a transitional regime for Belgium (Altius)

Authors: Audrey Zegers and Elias Nys (Altius)Publication date: 07/01/2021 After the Brexit, UK financial service providers no longer benefit from their previous passporting rights. The recent Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and the UK does not provide for an equivalence decision for financial services. As a consequence, UK

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Champagne: in victory, one deserves it! (Altius)

Authors: Olivier Vrins and Manon Verbeeren (Altius)Publication date: 14/01/2021 On 21 December 2020, the Opposition Division of the EUIPO rejected the registration application for the ‘CHAMPAWS’ trade mark for pet beverages because it evoked the ‘CHAMPAGNE’ PDO. This decision expressly confirms that Article 103(2)(b) of Regulation No 1308/2013 also applies where the

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Can A Parallel Importer Rebrand Generic Medicines? (Altius)

Authors: Kirian Claeye and Laura Traest (Altius) Publication date: 19/10/2020 If a branded medicine and its generic version are put on the EEA market by economically-linked undertakings, is a parallel importer then allowed to rebrand and repackage the imported generic version as the branded reference medicine? This has been a

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Covid-19 update: A new record keeping obligation and compliance check for employers and users relying on foreign workers or self-employed individuals in the construction, cleaning, meat, agriculture and horticulture sectors (Altius)

Author: Emma Van Caenegem (Altius) Publication date: 25/08/2020 As part of some new measures that aim to reduce the further spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Belgian government has recently imposed a new record keeping obligation upon certain employers and users who are temporarily relying on foreign employees or self-employed

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New unfair trading practices in the food supply chain (Altius)

Authors: Mathieu Maniet and Carmen Verdonck (Altius) Publication date: 06/07/2020 Within the agricultural and food supply chain, significant imbalances in bargaining power between suppliers and buyers of agri-food products are frequent. Those imbalances in bargaining power are likely to lead to unfair trading practices. The Directive 2019/633 (the “Directive”) aims

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Five quick lessons from the Belgian Council of State’s first coronavirus judgment (Altius)

Author: William Timmermans (Altius) Publication date: 28/04/2020 This judgment concerns one of the first measures on easing the Belgian lockdown rules. Since Saturday 18 April 2020, a ministerial decree has allowed two additional categories of shops to reopen: garden centres and DIY stores. Two plaintiffs, Andreas Stihl (a company selling

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Reimbursement of medicinal products in times of pandemics and budgetary constraints: why quick fixes do not work (Altius)

Author: Christophe Ronse (Altius) Publication date: 01/04/2020 With national governments scrambling to take measures in order to counter the Covid-19 pandemic, we are again confronted with the fact that a EU common policy in the healthcare field is quasi inexistent. This is equally so in respect of the pricing and reimbursement

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Can a Member State in times of Corona crisis prohibit a pharmaceutical company to deliver certain products (such as testing kits or protective medical gear) to other EU countries? (Altius)

Authors: Hanne Baeyens and Carmen Verdonck (Altius) Publication date: march 2020 With the Corona crisis, countries such as Germany, France and the Czech Republic have already announced bans on exports of protective gear to avoid shortages at their countries. But is this in conformity with the principle of free movement of

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