>>>Detailed transfer pricing form in Belgium postponed (Tiberghien Economics)

Detailed transfer pricing form in Belgium postponed (Tiberghien Economics)

Author: Tiberghien Economics

Publication date: 19/11/2020

The deadline of the corporate income tax returns has been extended for the third time by the Minister of Finance, initially set 24 September 2020 (for companies with a financial year-end at 31 December 2019), first time extended to 29 October 2020, second time extended to 16 November 2020, with the new and final due date set 30 November 2020. As explained in our news update dd. 13 October 2020, this extension is granted in order to enable accounting firms to deal with the overload of work directly related to the exceptional circumstances caused by the covid-19 crisis and allow them  to submit the personal and corporate income tax returns in a (postponed) timely manner.

As a consequence, given that the detailed transfer pricing form 275LF is considered as an integral part of the corporate income tax return, the submission date of this form 275LF is also postponed. Therefore, Belgian group entities that are obliged to submit the detailed transfer pricing form will have approximately two weeks in addition.

This postponement of the corporate income tax return may also be seen as an opportunity to (further) optimize your transfer pricing documentation in order to tick the box of “transfer pricing study” in part B of the form 275LF by supporting in more detail corresponding explanations of the amounts included in part B. In this respect, we are happy to inform you that Tiberghien economics has partnered with Reptune® to offer you a TP documentation platform which is robust, intuitive and insightful.

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